Solutions If The Accuweather App Not Updating?

Some users have reported the issue of the Accuweather app not updating the daily weather on its own. It continues to display an out-of-date forecast from a couple of days ago.

If the weather information in your app is not being updated even when you manually refresh the forecasts, here’s a list of possibilities for addressing the issue.

Look into your internet connection if your Accuweather stopped updating.

There are a number of reasons why the AccuWeather app is not updating location. Most of the time, it’s your own internet service that’s to blame.

You should try to visit a page on the Internet via your browser if your device is connected to a WiFi network but still does not operate. If this succeeds, your smartphone or tablet is not the problem.

Disable the Battery Optimization feature

Most likely, the AccuWeather widget is unable to obtain current information from the internet due to battery optimization.

Remove the battery optimization option from the AccuWeather app by navigating to the settings of the app and choosing the delete option.

Disable any data restrictions that may exist.

Background data limitations are likely activated if you use mobile data often. The application will be unable to obtain new weather information from AccuWeather databases as a result of these restrictions.

Switch off data limitations for this app in the settings, and your app should be able to obtain the latest weather prediction without any problems.

Alternatively, you can use a Wi-Fi network when the Accuweather app is not updating the information.

Update Your Location Once More

You may directly force the Accuweather app to update by deleting and then re-adding the location.

This will compel the application to display the most recent available forecast for your locality, and then it will function effectively.

If it doesn’t help, consider switching your address to some other location and then back.

Restart the application if the Accuweather app not updating.

Go to Settings > Apps > Force Close. Clean all data from your smartphone when you close it. After you’ve cleared your data, try relaunching the app and entering your location.

You may also try uninstalling and reinstalling the program once or twice to see if it solves your problem.

Follow the steps to clear cache and reboot the app:

  • Empty the cache and erase the data in the play store on android.
  • This will totally restart the program, and any issues should be fixed.
  • On the smartphone, open the “settings” app.
  • Then, under applications & notifications, choose to view all apps.
  • Scroll down to google play store and hit it.
  • Empty the cache by tapping memory.
  • Then select clear data from the menu.
  • Reopen the play store and try the download once more.

Reboot Your Device

When none of the suggestions works, you should reboot your smartphone. Switch it off, wait for 1 minute, and then switch it back on.

Try refreshing the application and it will commence updating the weather forecast for your area.

Following solutions will most likely resolve the problem, but if it persists, you must approach the app’s service providers. You may also try one of the several weather applications available.

So, if AccuWeather isn’t functioning for you, don’t be concerned.

Simply search for an option on the App Store and you’ll be fine. There are countless applications to choose from, each one better than the day before.

We hope that with these ways you are able to fix the issue of the Accuweather App Not Updating!