Teptron Move Review: Things To Consider Before Buying The Product

Teptron is a well-known firm that offers home automation products to its clients. Teptron MOVE has become one of the group’s most well-known products. 

Teptron MOVE is essentially a motor that interacts with all of the current blinds as well as drapes to allow you to monitor them constantly.

Teptron’s MOVE is a window shades motor that works with just as many manual blinds and blinds as conceivable. Each MOVE motor encompasses a series of spools that work with most beaded chains as well as cords.

MOVE motors are fueled by NiMH batteries that may be rechargeable by micro USB. 

The solar panel also functions as a photodetector, enabling the MOVE system to automatically open and close shades based on the quantity of sunshine received.

You may need more torque to control the blinds if they are relatively heavy. With MOVE’s AC-powered adaptor, you get a 50 percent increase in motor speed, allowing you to pull up to 6 kilograms.

A Mobile application is used to operate the overall system. You can change the shades wirelessly, establish automation depending on solar conditions, and store certain settings as favourites using the application.

You may convert your regular blinds and shades into something like a smart motorized roller shutter by using this device. 

Teptron MOVE can be given due credit for this. MOVE that is essentially a Cusmotor; that’s all is what you require. You won’t be needing anything else once you’ve completed the setup.

Detailed Teptron Move Review

Teptron MOVE Motorised Blind

The Teptron MOVE motor provides users with a plethora of possibilities.

Despite Teptron’s claims that MOVE is a fantastic gadget to include in the home automation collection, numerous users do not appear to agree.

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Despite the fact that all smart home automation devices have a slew of added benefits, such as automation, each one must ensure that it is functioning.

When it comes to fundamental mechanical operations, Teptron’s MOVE is a fantastic device. 

The motor’s operation is immaculate since it may be used with a regular blind. Up to this point, there haven’t been many complaints about how well it works mechanically.

Durability and ease of use are two of the most important factors to consider when choosing a product.

The Teptron MOVE seems to be very convenient and simple to set up the motor. Besides that, the device’s performance while using the Teptron authorized software on the smartphone is outstanding.

The product, on the other hand, has a short lifespan. The device, according to several consumers, will fail quickly. It might not have endured more than a month for certain people. 

During our assessment, we discovered that the application had some difficulties while attempting to do particular tasks.

Policies on Customer Service and Refunds

When the Teptron MOVE was first released, several buyers complained about receiving a defective device. 

In addition, several of the systems appeared to fade out quickly after only a few weeks of operation. Furthermore, Teptron is well-known amongst customers for having terrible customer service. 

Many consumers complained that the firm didn’t care to respond to their questions.

But it isn’t the only flaw in this situation. Teptron was unable to provide compensation to any of the customers who got a defective product. 

They claim that regardless of how many people they tried to contact, they haven’t ever received a response.

Customer Feedback

The Teptron MOVE customer review is a bit contentious. Some customers have had a positive reaction using the product, while others have experienced difficulties with it straight out of the package.

However, the majority of customer feedback is unfavourable. Users had to deal with terrible user service as well as a non-existent return policy. 

When you place an order, there really is no assurance that you always receive a product that works. 

The majority of consumers stated that the products ceased functioning after only a few months.

Final Verdict on teptron move review

It is clear that the Teptron MOVE fails to satisfy the requirements of its consumers and has several faults. 

The Teptron MOVE is a terrible gadget, from lousy service to the equipment not operating as it should. 

We strongly advise you to check into other options available in the market since the Teptron MOVE is a no-go for us.