What Causes a Roomba Brush Not Spinning?

Hair, dust, and filth have gathered beneath the Roomba side brush, preventing it from rotating.

First, wipe the dust buildup beneath the side brush by unscrewing it.

The side brush unit should then be fixed or replaced when it does not switch on after this.

What To Do If Your Roomba Brush Not Spinning?

A large number of Roomba consumers have reported problems with their robot vacuum.

When such consumers were questioned about the problem, they stated that their Roomba brushes were not rotating. As a consequence, the gadget isn’t cleansing their home as well as it could.

If you are experiencing the same problem, we strongly advise you to continue reading.

In this post, we’ll look at all of the potential options for resolving the problem.

Maintain Your Roomba in a Simple Manner

Running maintenance on the Roomba equipment is one of the first tasks you can perform. You’ll need to follow the steps below in order to do this:

  • Make very sure that Roomba is turned off first.
  • Place a little amount of dust at the front of the Roomba and start cleaning. Small beads, grains, or even a sliver of paper could all be found among the detritus.
  • Afterward, press the Clean button for about 3 seconds.
  • When this is over the dirt, push the Clean button.

You’ll need to look at the results once you’ve finished. If your Roomba picked up the debris, for example, it’s possible that its functionality has deteriorated.

On the other hand, if it didn’t pick up anything, you’d need to clean the rubber as well as retest it.

Cleaning the Equipment

Gadgets like the Roomba will become filthy over-usage. Whenever this occurs, you’ll notice that it’s not operating as it should.

In such circumstances, you’ll need to clean the equipment fully.

This problem should be resolved once all dust and dirt have been removed from the gadget.

If you haven’t maintained the Roomba before, you’ll need to wipe the bins and also the filters.

  • You may accomplish this by pushing the designated button to remove the bin plus filter from the gadget.
  • After that, shake the dirt to get rid of it.
  • You could also use a piece of fabric to scrub the item if you want it to be completely clean. Always take into consideration that you’ll need to clean the gadget on a frequent basis to get the best results.

Checking the Brush on the Side

You’ll have to examine the side brushes if they’re the only ones that aren’t operating.

Using a screwdriver or even a penny, try to loosen it up. You’ll need to clean off any dirt that has gathered after removing the side brush.

Both the side brush as well as the user module should be checked. You can safely reinstall it once you’ve finished cleaning it.

If the side brushes are not functioning despite cleaning them, you may need to change the module entirely with a newer model.

On the other hand, it’s possible that the module has just become defective, causing you to have this problem.

Please reach out to Customer Care Service.

If none of the measures above appear to work, you can approach customer service. As a result, a team member will be able to handle your situation.

In addition, they should really be able to recommend a variety of approaches for you to rectify this problem after asking you a bunch of questions.

Is your Roomba brush not spinning after troubleshooting?

Inspect the cables and connections if you’ve followed all of the methods above and the side brush is still not responding. It might be unfastened, cracked, rusted, or a combo of the three.

If this really is the case, the ideal option is to purchase a replacement side brush unit.

Fortunately, iRobot makes one that is compatible with the Roomba 500, 600, 700, and 800 Series.

Purchasing a new side brush module is a low-cost way to extend the life of your Roomba, particularly if it is somewhat outdated.

This is also a simple and effective way to restore a non-spinning Roomba side brush without disassembling it and getting your hands filthy.