Exhale Fan Review – Elaboration of This Bladeless Beast

The Bladeless Exhale fan is a smart home appliance that helps promote air distribution indoors.

The unique feature of this appliance is that it does not have blades to push around the air, as a normal fan does.

While many are skeptical of a fan functioning without its edge, we can vouch that the exhale fan does a great job of distributing air and cooling your home/office space. 

You have easy operation and controls with this fan. You can control the device on your smartphone and an electronic switch.

Some exhale fans have an LED fixed on the fan and allow it to double as a ceiling light.

You can work the LED separately without using the fan. 


  • Width: 86cm 
  • Thickness: 18.41cm 
  • Weight: 11.4kg
  • Voltage in Europe and Asia: 220v / 50Hz / 1,5mm2
  • Voltage in America,  Canada and, Mexico: 120v / 60Hz
  • LED independent cordless light
  • Remote control with 6-speed Bluetooth 
  • Airspeed: 1.14 meters per second
  • Air Volume per minute:115 m3 per minute, 115 803 litres per minute

Bladeless ceiling fan – How does it work?

The exhale fan is unique in that it is the only bladeless fan. The fan’s technology is one of a kind and patented.

You will find that, unlike traditional fans, the exhale fan can take in air and distribute it 360 degrees around the room. 

The fan is designed such that the air bounces off the walls and provides a wrapped effect.

This way, you will be able to have cool air around the room and not just in one particular part of your indoor space. 

Traditional fans can spin your hair up into a mess, or you may feel an uncomfortable gust of air continuously flowing on you. These effects are not present in the exhale fan.

They are silent, easy to use, provide excellent air distribution, and consume too much energy.

You do not have to worry about friction and air noises. You will forget that it is even on while using it for long periods!

Features of the Exhale Fan 

Let us take a look at the major features of this Exhale Fan review so that you can make an informed decision about your purchase. 

  1. Design – The first thing to consider while purchasing the exhale fan would be the Design. The exhale fan has a minimalist and simple design that is appreciated by all. The clean design allows for an aesthetic look in your home or office space.

The exhale fan looks nothing like the traditional home appliances with blades prodding out. Instead, the sleek and mostly cylindrical design is favored by many.

You also get an LED light attached to the fan. This is a great buy for those who have simple tastes. 

  1. Air Distribution – As already mentioned, the exhale fan has the unique ability to distribute air without any blades. You may have noticed that fans with blades can only push air in one direction. The exhale fan is designed to circulate the air in a balanced manner, ensuring that the air travels through all parts of your room. 
  1. Functionality – We have already seen that the exhale fan comes fitted with an LED light. This allows your lover to double as a light. In addition, the light can be used even when you are not using the fan. 

Another great feature that makes the exhale fan so pleasant to use is that it is dead silent. So when it is turned on, you will not be disturbed by the swooshing sounds of air moving or other mechanical noises from the device itself.  

Use in accordance with the season

The exhale fan is a great alternative to Air conditioning devices. It is more economical, practical, and saves a lot of energy (this is beneficial to your wallet as well as the environment).

You can use this fan in the summer to help cool down your home. In winter the exhale fan can be hooked up with the heater to warm the house up. 

  1. Summer – During summer, the exhale fan creates and sustains a cool atmosphere by distributing air around your home. It allows for better decampment of skin precipitation. The official site claims that the fan can lower the effect of the heat to at least four degrees. 
  2. Winter – The exhale fan has the technology to destratify the layers of temperature in your indoor space. We know that hot air tends to stay on the roof and cool hair on the floor. The exhale fan ensures that there is an even temperature throughout your home by constantly moving the air. 

You can also attach your exhale fan to an air conditioner or heating device in your home to improve the effectiveness of heating and cooling.

Many folks who purchased the exhale fan used it to distribute warm air through their home that a heating source like a fireplace had generated. 


The exhale fan is inspired by Nikola Tesla’s bladeless turbine. The fan has a one-of-a-kind design and a unique way of being operated.

Exhale fans draw the air below them through a vortex effect and distribute the air 360 degrees across the room by bouncing air off the walls.

The exhale fan is suitable to use in all kinds of climatic conditions. It is a great alternative to air conditioning. 

The exhale fans have a minimalist and simple design that can mold into any house/indoor space you have.

It has a simple mode of operation; you can adjust the speeds and temperature through your smartphone device or a switch. The exhale fan is an economical choice; it reduces energy consumption and enables you to spend less on electricity bills.

As per our exhale fan review, it is the best choice to make for the environment and you!