Is The Ecobee Humidity Sensor Reliable?

Customers have inquired about the accuracy of the Ecobee humidity sensor. One explanation for this is that it always gives a marginally different result anytime they compare the humidity sensor to another gadget.

The Ecobee programmable thermostat has a humidity system configuration that allows you to fine-tune the humidity in the house.

So even though you don’t have a specialized dehumidifier, the Ecobee smart device may help people manage the house. These options vary from fan settings to HVAC controls.

This minor discrepancy might be due to a variety of factors. As a result, they are worried about utilizing the humidity sensor.

Now, we’ll look at some information about the humidity sensor. We’ll also explain to you how reliable the sensor is in practice and if there’s anything you could do about it.

We discovered that the Ecobee sensor had a 5-12 percent error in most situations. This really isn’t a tremendous deal, but it may be for certain individuals.

You may adjust the inaccuracies by using calibration. Calibrating the sensors will assist you in adjusting them such that they produce more accurate readings.

Nevertheless, in order to correctly calibrate the sensor, you would need to do some tasks. They are all listed below:

How Do You Calibrate Your Ecobee Humidity Sensor?

  • Begin with a bottle cap.
  • Prepare a paste-like combination of salt and water.
  • Pour the mixture, together with the cap, into a zip lock bag, along with the hygrometer.
  • Secure the zip lock bag and set it aside for 24 hours.
  • Your measurements should now assist you in calibrating the humidity sensor to your taste.
  • Your sensor has now been correctly calibrated!

This is quite helpful in reducing sensor error. Although the error is minor, understanding how to reduce it through calibration might be useful.

How Reliable Is The Humidity Sensor On The Ecobee?

The Ecobee ‘s humidity sensor is normally quite dependable. This sensor responds to changes in its surroundings and can be regulated and synchronized with other devices.

This ensures you can always be certain that your Ecobee is accurate to a few units.

While the actual specifications of the Ecobee humidity sensor are unknown, we may draw some conclusions based on the temperature sensor data.

According to official literature, the Ecobee thermostat is precise to +/- 1.0F. The temperature sensor utilizes the latest two observations to calculate an average, which it uses to maintain calibration.

Under the usual settings, it also collects these measures every 15 seconds.

What informs us about humidity is that we may anticipate a reasonable level of accuracy in most cases.

A temperature difference of one degree isn’t too dramatic, and as far as the humidity levels match, we’re fine to go.

What Performs The Ecobee Humidity Sensor?

The humidity sensor in Ecobee Smart Thermostat detects humidity in the home and regulates the temperature as required to ensure that your home feels exactly how you want it to.

Have you ever observed that whenever the humidity is high outside, you feel hotter and more unpleasant than when it is low? The Ecobee eliminates this source of concern from your home.

It accomplishes this by including moisture into the equation to ensure that you are pleasant on all days, irrespective of the humidity level.