Wyze Camera Not Connecting After Update

Suppose your Wyze camera has recently undergone a firmware update or an upgrade in general but is posing connectivity issues or other functional problems.

In that case, you can troubleshoot with a few simple steps at home to get it back up and functioning in no time.

Some common issues that you may face with your Wyze camera are as follows. Also, check out some simple solutions to go with them.

1.   Wyze camera not responsive post update

When your Wyze camera is not responding or is not perceptive, a quick reboot can help restart the system and its settings.

The power cycling action where the camera can be switched off by unplugging it for about 30 seconds and then plugging it back in after that can help soft reboot the camera and reconnect.

You can also try to change the power outlet where the camera is plugged in to help reboot the camera functions.

2.   Wyze camera appears to be connection failed

If the camera seems to be connected physically but is unable to play the live stream or recordings, it may show an error code.

For example, Error code -19 may indicate that the camera may not be connected properly to the IoT settings.

Thus a simple power cycling of the camera may solve the problem.

However, if the issue still persists, try deactivating your IoT device’s primary firewall settings or your connecting network.

3.   Wyze camera does not connect to the Live Stream

Third-party USB connections or the camera’s microSD card might sometimes create challenges if not connected properly.

You can try removing the microSD card and replacing it with the power adapter and USB connector that came with the Wyze Camera to see if the problem goes away and gain back access to the live stream on the camera.

Another solution to this is to deactivate the firewall settings on your device or WiFi network that may be blocking the live stream settings from being fully activated.

These issues may occur due to low internet speeds or poor connections between servers.

4.   Wyze camera cannot connect to WiFi

Suppose the Wyze camera is unable to connect to your WiFi and is not displaying the live stream or other functionalities.

In that case, this error can indicate that the streaming servers are unable to connect to your Wyze Camera.

  • You can troubleshoot this by disconnecting the connected or paired smartphone/tablet from your WiFi network and reconnecting it to the camera. You can also switch to Mobile Data for a short period of time or connect to a different WiFi network.
  • You can also go to setting and Forget all “WiFi networks” and then connect to the camera again. When you reset the network settings on the camera, this may boost the connectivity of the camera to the WiFi network.

5.   Unable to connect Live streaming post the update

Check if your app is up to date. The live streaming should appear immediately if your app is updated and using all its current features.

If you feel the app is getting stuck or the live streaming is broken, you can force close the application and open it again.

This is possible on both iOS as well as Android devices. This may also occur when too many devices are connected to the network.

You can disassociate and rejoin your smartphone or tablet from your WiFi network.

The Bottom Line

Post the firmware update, many changes may be implemented on your Wyze camera, leading to better functionality and efficiency.

Ensure you are troubleshooting right with these tips to keep the live stream going.