Wyze Cam Pan Blinking Blue Light, Troubleshoot Guide

We’ve recently noticed consumers’ issues about the Wyze Cam Pan.

After additional investigation, we discovered that the majority of these individuals were experiencing a problem with their Wyze Cam Pan blinking blue light.

Because the consumer has no understanding of what the blinking blue light means, they become concerned and think there is something wrong with the smart camera.

This post will assist you in resolving the blinking light by providing you with a number of solutions.

How To Troubleshoot Wyze Cam Pan Blinking Blue Light?

Camera Reset

One thing to bear in mind is that a flickering light on the front LED typically indicates that the camera is attempting to complete setup mode.

If the camera is frozen on the blinking light, something went terribly wrong during the setup.

As a result, we recommend that the camera be reset. This should allow you to reconfigure the camera from the ground up once more.

Again, make sure you enter all of the necessary information, including the local Network.

Firmware Reflash

Many customers say that they were able to resolve this issue by just flashing firmware within the camera.

More information is available on the Wyze website. You would be able to find the most recent version of the firmware on the official website as well.

Join the 2.4GHz Network

Many customers appear to forget the fact that they should connect their smart gadgets to 2.4GHz rather than 5GHz.

The major reason for this is that older gadgets do not generally integrate newer technology.

All you should be doing to go from 5GHz to 2.4GHz is go to the router’s Wi-Fi settings.

Contact Customer Service

You most likely have a malfunctioning or damaged gadget. In any scenario, we recommend reaching out to the customer service team.

They should be able to assist you further. In addition, if your gadget is truly damaged, they should assist you in getting it replaced.