Troubleshooting Common Wyze Cam Connection Issues

Many Wyze camera customers have reported connection troubles. They’ve been grumbling about the camera’s inability to connect to the network. As a result, their monitoring systems are not functioning properly.

A lot of customers are concerned since they have no idea what they should do next.

However, there’s no need to be concerned if you’re in the same scenario and don’t know how to resolve it.

This post will walk you through these few procedures to permanently resolve the Wyze cam connection issues.

Wyze Cam Connection Issues Troubleshooting

Check that you’re using a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi band.

If you’re having trouble connecting to the Wyze camera, the first thing to check is your Wi-Fi band. First, check that you are using 2.4GHz Wi-Fi rather than 5GHz Wi-Fi.

This is because most gadgets do not work with 5GHz because it is relatively new and not as stable.

To return to 2.4GHz, you must manually browse to the Wi-Fi configuration inside the network router.

Restart the Wyze camera

A further approach you may do is to power cycle the camera, which would also assist reset the connectivity. To do so, take these steps:

  • Unplug the camera from the wall outlet.
  • Wait 30 seconds.
  • Replace the camera’s battery.
  • Restart the installation procedure.
  • You may also try force closing the app and relaunching it.

Other Troubleshooting

You should also make sure that you have a separate password for the Wi-Fi and the Wyze application.

Keep in mind that passwords are case-sensitive, so you may be entering the incorrect password.

Furthermore, network names should never contain unusual characters. Finally, make sure your router is utilizing WPA/WPA2 encryption.

If neither of those methods appears to work for you, you should contact customer service. They should be able to assist you in further troubleshooting the problem.

Troubleshooting Common Wyze Cam Connection Issues

The camera is not connecting.

Many consumers have reported difficulties connecting their Wyze Cam to a Wi-Fi network.

The Wyze camera requires a constant broadband connection to function correctly; otherwise, it may frequently display problems. Fortunately, resolving this problem is simple; follow the below instructions.

This is frequently due to a tiny glitch that may be quickly rectified by doing a fast power cycle.

  • Disconnect the camera from its power sources and wait 10 seconds. Thereafter, reconnect the camera and try to link to Wi-Fi.
  • You must ensure that your Wi-Fi is transmitting on a 2.4GHz channel, among other things. To test this functionality, navigate to the router’s web portal.

If the Wi-Fi router features a dual bandwidth function, you must connect your smart gadget to the 2.4GHz band.

Otherwise, it wouldn’t access. This problem might also occur as a result of poor signal strength. Simply moving the router closer to the smart cam will resolve the signal strength problem.

The camera is not switching on.

Some customers have reported that their Wyze Cam does not switch on. Most of the time, this error is caused by a problem with the power source.

Either your cable or outlet is faulty, or you did not properly attach them.

This problem was rectified for the great majority of people by ensuring that wires were properly inserted.

Because the connecting points cannot meet, the smart camera would be unable to take power from the wire.

If the problem persists, you should check to see if your cable is functioning correctly. Link another gadget to the power cord to test whether it works correctly.

Almost all of the time, simply changing the power wires will address the problem.

The last thing you should inspect is the power outlet to see if it is operating correctly. Plugin another device or use a multimeter to measure the power flowing out of the socket.

If it is less than the quantity specified in the instruction handbook, you must either change the outlet or choose another power source to operate the smart camera.

The Wyze application is not responding.

Another typical problem with smart devices is that when you try to access your device with your smartphone, your Wyze application fails to operate.

On the PC, the program works perfectly; however, on the smartphone, it crashes.

The majority of customers who experience this problem are using earlier versions of the Wyze smartphone application.

Therefore, one solution to resolve the problem is to ensure that the app is up to date. If you’re still experiencing the same issue, wiping app data will most likely solve your issue. To accomplish this:

  1. Go to your device’s program configurations.
  2. Find and use the Wyze application from there.
  3. Go to Storage Options and select “Clear all data.”

Thereafter, restart the smartphone and relaunch your application. Next, log in to your Wyze account and see if that resolves the issue.

If you are experiencing any additional problems or if the solutions listed above do not work for you, we suggest contacting Wyze customer service for assistance.

Describe your problem in full to them and wait for their answer.