Smappee Vs Sense: Which Monitor Will Suit Your Needs Better?

In this article, we will help you find which one’s better among Smappee vs Sense to help you make an informed decision.


Smappee Home Energy Monitor
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Smappee is an excellent complement to the home automation line, providing power administration services for commercial, domestic, and institutional applications. It collects data on solar generation and power, as well as water and power usage.

The Smappee app provides real-world data. It may be used to manage appliances as well as assist you in reducing energy and resources by using these methods. Overload safety and load balancing are also provided.

Basically, it will regulate the energy transfer in the most efficient manner possible to provide you with the finest possible outcomes.


Sense Energy Monitor
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Sense is a home automation component to the group. Sense fundamentally keeps track of your entire household’s electricity usage.

 This is intended to satisfy you in saving money in the long run.

You’ll be enabled to observe what’s switched on or off in your house if you can regulate your home’s electrical energy consumption. 

Furthermore, you will prevent any energy disasters since Sense will assist you in maintaining the balance of your consumption.

In other terms, you can save both resources and costs while also ensuring that your entire home’s electricity consumption is under control.

Smappee Vs Sense: Comparison

Users frequently compare Smappee vs Sense since both of them are utilized to provide similar effects.

Therefore, customers will almost always have to choose between either of these two options when purchasing a monitoring system for their home automation.

As a result, before making any hasty decisions, it’s critical to understand what sets them apart. This would also assist you in determining which one of the two alternatives is the best fit for your house.

As a result, we’ll compare and contrast some of the distinctions between the two devices.

Detecting Appliances

The term “appliance detection” relates to each of two gadgets that alert you when a device in the house has just been switched on. 

This is a crucial element for a smart home automation monitoring system. One of the device’s most important features should be the amount of time required to inform you.

However, both of these gadgets take their time notifying the customer. Sense does have a strange function where it identifies and displays an unfamiliar device to the owner on occasion. 

However, after the gadget has properly synced itself, the problem appears to be resolved.

Use in the Long Run

Often these smart home monitor and control gadgets do not have a long lifespan. 

They are also not suitable for long use, to put it simply. Even though they will perform admirably for the first several months, the performance will begin to deteriorate with time.

However, there is some good thing for you: both of these gadgets, Smappee, and the Sense, have a long lifespan. 

Both of these gadgets are designed to be used for extended periods of time. Therefore they should sustain you a lot longer.


The pricing of a product is perhaps among the top crucial factors for those considering purchasing it. 

And, in some ways, this is the correct strategy. For example, if two gadgets offer almost identical functionality, why would you spend more money on the more costly one?

Nonetheless, things become a little more difficult when Smappee and Sense are priced similarly. 

Take into account that Smappee provides three years of data archiving, whereas Sense only provides one year of information storage. Similarly, when it relates to solar consumption, Sense is regarded to be the superior alternative.


Both Smappee and Sense have pretty simple installation procedures. They’re both wired into the fuse box. 

Smappee, on the other hand, is often regarded as the simpler of the two, and this is the only one that you may deploy without fear.

Sense frequently necessitates the help of an operator. And by “frequently,” we meant that it’s widely accepted as the best method and that we’ve seen documentation stating that professional installation is the safest alternative.

 But, unfortunately, this can significantly increase the cost of acquiring a Sense sensor.

Reading Precision

When it concerns monitoring energy usage around the house, both Smappee and Sense are excellent options.

 However, there is a little period of adjustment for both of them. While these devices are intended to detect fundamental equipment such as refrigerators and water heaters, this should take a bit of time for them to detect smaller items. 

But, again, it’s just how they operate.

Although we couldn’t discover any specific timetables for each model, it’s worth allowing them both some time to acclimatize.

Reading Easiness is an application.

Both feature quite simple graphical representations. In addition, they both have an intuitive design which helps make navigating them a breeze.

Despite the fact that we adore both applications, we had to check their reviews. The evaluations from real downloaders on Smappee were consistently superior and frequently by a considerable margin. 

It is known for its dependability and ease of use.

Although Sense received a lot of positive feedback, there were also complaints regarding the application’s ability to malfunction or slow at times.

Access to Information

You’ll need the means to monitor what’s consuming your energy in order to figure out what’s consuming it.

On the iOS and Android marketplaces, both Smappee and Sense provide simple smartphone applications that reveal each appliance’s usage in real-time. 

Isn’t that fabulous? Smappee, on the other hand, takes things a step further by providing a free web application.

Refund and Warranty coverage

Sense comes to the rescue with a 60-day return and refund policy. It also includes a 12-month guarantee, because then you can fix it for a year if you would like to. 

That’s actually pretty decent for nearly any item, including energy meters.

Smappee, on the other hand, does not appear to be as enthusiastic. They only give consumers a 30-day opportunity to check it out and get a refund. 

Even after that, anecdotal evidence suggests that user service would try to persuade others not to return it.

Smappee Vs Sense: Conclusion

When you compare the Smappee Vs Sense, you’ll see that they’re both excellent choices. 

We wish we could offer you a definitive answer, but there isn’t one. Both gadgets will provide an excellent user experience and will last a long time.

We propose that you purchase the item that you desire from the two options. 

There is really no reason to pay more money here if you can buy one of them for less money than the other.