GoControl Z-Wave Siren Review

Thanks for coming by. Here’s our review of the GoControl Z-Wave Siren & Strobe. A product of GoControl, this siren is our top choice for the best Z-Wave siren today

The GoControl Siren and Strobe is a smart warning device which uses and supports Z-Wave technology. If you’d like to know why, let’s find out in this GoControl Z-Wave Siren review.

GoControl Siren & Strobe Key Features

Other Key Features

What's In The Package?

When you unbox the GoControl Siren package, you’ll find the following:

Product Specifications

How does GoControl Siren & Strobe work?

The GoControl Siren and Strobe is a smart warning device through the use of the Z-Wave technology

With the use of Z-Wave, you can this to your home automation system which is based on Z-Wave. This will help you get alerts through its sounder and strobe for any intruders detected by your security system. 

When it is on and connected to a Z-Wave network, it can provide alerts through its 105 dB sound for 30 seconds and through strobe flashes with its 4 LED strobe of 360 lumen. 

Thus, if your Z-Wave network detects any threats, like for example those which a Z-Wave outdoor motion sensor detects, then you will know through this smart siren.

Not only that, you can also turn on or off the siren anywhere through a mobile application of your Z-Wave controller. 

The 30 seconds length of alert is the default setting. However, you can also adjust it through the same mobile application in the configuration settings of the controller for this siren. 

What are the requirements needed for this siren?

First things first, it needs to be connected to a Z-Wave hub or controller. There’s a video below which is an example of how it can pair with a smart hub such as the Samsung SmartThings. The controller is the device which activates the this siren.

How to install or setup the GoControl Siren?

This smart siren is wall mounted. Through its manual, here are the steps on how to install and setup this device.

  1. Remove the mounting bracket by pressing on the locking tab and sliding the bracket downward from the siren/strobe.
  2. Use a Phillips screwdriver to remove the two battery compartment cover screws and lift off the battery compartment cover.
  3. Remove the battery holder. OBSERVING POLARITY, install 4 Type “AA” Alkaline batteries into the battery holder.
  4. Fit the battery holder into the unit and secure the battery compartment cover with the two screws.

These are the steps for mounting:

  1. Using the two mounting screws or adhesive tape, affix the mounting bracket at the chosen location. The locking tab points down. 

  2. Slide the siren/strobe onto the mounting bracket until the locking tab snaps into place

To learn more about the its installation and setup, read the manual here.

What powers this Siren?

The siren gets its power from AC through its adapter which is part of the package. Aside from that, it has an integrated battery as backup. It’s nice to have something like this especially for a device which is for security. 

It’s because AC might be out sometimes, so it’s always good to have backup power. This will help ensure that the siren will still work even if AC power is down.

Design & Security

For security, this device has an anti-tamper feature which sends alerts to you when someone removes the the cover of the sensor. 

And, the red light on the sensor will remain lit as soon as the cover has been interrupted.

Can GoControl Siren be used as Z-Wave repeater?

Yes, this siren can work as a Z-Wave repeater. If you want to make this siren as a Z-Wave, it must be within the range of approximately 130 feet in light of sight from your Z-Wave controller or to another Z-Wave repeater device. 

Being a Z-Wave repeater, this is a good feature which extends your Z-Wave network reach with an additional 130 feet line of sight to another Z-Wave device which is out of range from your Z-Wave controller.

GoControl Z-Wave Siren Review Summary

The GoControl Z-Wave Siren is a really good option if you want to add a warning device for your home automation system. It provides two-way alert system through its sounder and strobe.

Aside from that, it provides backup power as well through its integrated battery. We hope this GoControl Z-Wave Siren review helps you. Learn more about it here.