Eufy Camera Troubleshooting

The Eufy camera is fairly dependable, although several customers have recently reported troubles with it.

Even though it is really simple to install, it is wireless, and all you need to do is configure it with the smartphone application, and then you’re done.

However, users have reported certain night vision problems and integration with Amazon’s Alexa.

In this post, we’ll go through some of the most frequent Eufy camera issues and how to solve them.

Eufy Camera Troubleshooting

Night Vision Mode Problems

Many customers have stated that the night vision option does not operate once they have set up the camera.

This is because the vision levels are very low, making it difficult to observe the broadcast. It is a major problem that might jeopardize your property security.

Here are various solutions to this problem that you may try.

This issue might be a simple bug that you can resolve based on the circumstances. The first action we suggest would be to power cycle the gadget and try utilizing the night mode afterward.

When it doesn’t help, resetting the gadget to factory default settings can clear up any small faults that may have been impacting your smart camera.

Nevertheless, you will have to reconfigure your gadget, which could also take some time.

If the problem persists, it is most probable that the IR light inside the camera has failed. In that situation, the only choice is to change the camera.

If the warranty is still active, you will have no problem obtaining a replacement request. You can also try visiting a repair shop.

However, there is no assurance that your problem will be resolved that way.

Eufy camera Doesn’t Work With Amazon Alexa.

Consumers have frequently experienced a further concern that their smart camera does not operate correctly with Amazon Alexa.

This mistake can be rather inconvenient because then you can no more use voice input to activate the smart gadget.

  • The first step is to ensure that both gadgets are linked to the very same network.
  • Thereafter, restart the gadgets and try utilizing the voice instructions again.
  • If that does not resolve the problem, we advise that you login into the Alexa application and uninstall the EufySecurity skill from the Alexa application.
  • After that, exit the application and go to the smartphone’s options.
  • Following that, go to application settings and choose the Alexa application.
  • You must then navigate to the data settings menu and delete all application data.
  • After that, restart the smartphone and activate the Alexa app.
  • Then, sign in to the account once again and add the EufySecurity skill.
  • After you’ve configured the camera device, you’re ready to go.

Offline Eufy Camera

Many customers have also complained that their Eufy Camera seems to be disconnected when they attempt to view it using the smartphone application.

Users are unable to manage the smart gadget or view the live broadcast as a result.

Almost all of the time, this problem is caused by a faulty connection; if the camera is unable to link to the local network, you will notice the camera status as offline.

Therefore, the first step is to restart the router as well as relocate it adjacent to the camera. This will enhance overall signal strength and eliminate the possibility of the smart camera disconnecting again.

Another possible source of this problem is when customers update their Wi-Fi passwords and then neglect to reconfigure their Wi-Fi settings with the smart camera.

As a result, the camera cannot link to the internet and see the offline message. Therefore, after changing the credentials, be sure to take into account your Wi-Fi settings.

If your specific problem is not addressed in this guide, we strongly encourage the Eufy Customer service team for assistance.

All you need to do is describe your concern to them, and then they will assist you with how to solve it.