best Z-wave devices 2021

Best Z Wave Devices 2022: A Comprehensive List

In-home automation, most devices like smart hubs support the use of Z-Wave as the communication medium.  All smart devices supporting Z-Wave will work with each other, even those of different brands. More importantly, these devices should be certified by the Z-Wave Alliance, some of which include smart home controllers (or smart hubs) and other specific products …

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Z-Wave Enabler for Smart Home

What is Z-Wave: A Key Enabler of the Smart Home

The trend for home automation is going up as time goes by. The number of smart devices is also increasing. So, how do these devices become smart? The key enabler or at the heart of it is communication technology.  In a sense, these devices become smart because they can talk to each other through wireless …

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Best Wifi Light Switches

Best Wifi Light Switches: Make Home Lighting Smart

The lighting system is one of the easiest things you can automate at home. As a matter of fact, you can automate the switching of the lights through the use of a wireless light switch such as a WiFi light switch or a smart light switch. A WiFi light switch is a wireless remote light …

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