Amazon Smart Plug Unresponsive: 5 Easy Solutions

There are several minor mistakes that can arise for a number of causes. You will need to verify that you are familiar with the proper procedure for resolving any such concerns, which will aid you most of the time.

A lack of Wi-Fi, a faulty signal, or any of a dozen other possible circumstances might make it difficult for Amazon to locate your smart plug.

So whether you’re having trouble configuring the gadget or it’s not providing you the control you expect, follow these steps to troubleshoot when the Amazon smart plug isn’t responding.

Alexa Plug Unresponsive

Alexa Device Upgrade

The Alexa plugs are intended for ease of use, and they do not require manual updating. You won’t have to worry about that since the technology that these smart plugs use needs them to be linked to the internet at all times.

When an update is available, and the plugs are linked to Wi-Fi, the plugs will update automatically.

Nevertheless, if your plug is not responding, there are two ways to upgrade the firmware on these plugs. To begin, disconnect the smart plug from the power socket for 15 seconds before plugging it back in.

When the plug reboots, it reconnects to Wi-Fi and automatically checks for updates.

It will request an update, which will be installed on the plug, and you will be able to resolve the issue. Please bear in mind that the update may take a few minutes, so be patient and give it a little more time, say 10 minutes.

The second method for updating your smart plug is to initiate an update using the program manually. All you have to do is open your program, scroll to the unresponsive plug, and press the update button.

Nevertheless, you may not be able to view it there if it is unresponsive in some circumstances, in which case the plugging out option will come in handy.

Application Update

You may also experience the problem if your application is out of date or if it has created a fault that is causing these problems.

The simplest thing for you to do is update the program, although this may not cure the problem for you if one exists. The simplest approach to accomplish this is to clear all app data and remove the program from your phone.

After you’ve removed the app, reboot your smartphone to ensure that it’s gone, and then reinstall it from the app store.

This will install the most recent version of the program on your device, resolving the situation with the unresponsive plug. Of course, you would need to log in to the Amazon account again because this will be ideal for you.

Avoid Probable Errors During Configuration

Most Alexa-enabled and Amazon-branded smart gadgets are easy to set up. Errors do, nevertheless, occur. You may take precautions to guarantee a seamless setup.

To begin, keep in mind your smartphone is within 30 feet of your smart plug when setting it up. This will assist in avoiding any problems that may arise as a result of being too far away for a decent connection.

Likewise, you can operate the smart plug from afar after it is set up and linked to your network.

Disable any low-power or power-saving modes on your phone during the setup process. Then, charge your smartphone for a couple of minutes before proceeding with the setup.

If you’re using a barcode to set up the gadget, use the one from the fast start instructions rather than the one on the back of the Amazon Smart Plug. You won’t have to disconnect the gadget to scan the code this way.

Reset Your Router

In many circumstances, merely restarting your network can resolve an unresponsive gadget. The actual procedure of resetting the router varies by model.

However, you may be able to reset the router simply by disconnecting it and putting it back in.

This allows the router to reconnect to all gadgets on the Wi-Fi network, which helps clear up any bugs that may be causing communication difficulties amongst your gadgets.

Restore the Smart Plug’s factory default.

If everything else fails, you can restore the smart plug to its factory default settings.

Unfortunately, this will de-register the gadget from the account and compel you to restart the setup procedure, so consider it your final resort.

Click the button on the side of the Amazon Smart Plug to initiate the reset procedure. For 12 seconds, hold the power button.

The red and blue LEDs on the plug will begin to flash. When it gets to this point, you can reconnect the plug.

That’s all. If you have problems with your Amazon Smart Plug, follow these five steps to resolve any difficulties. If nothing else, resetting the gadget is a little of a cure, but it requires more effort than the other alternatives.